A downloadable game for Linux

Game for AprilisJam in Łódź.

Have you thrown paper planes in childhood? Did you ever wanted to steer them? NOW YOU CAN! WITH YOUR FRIEND!

Linux 64-bit
Intel RealSense Camera
DualShock 4 with blue (#003333) light, or any flashlight
Free hand


Time limit: 45s
Left player steers with hand.
Right with light (DS4).
Green crystals gives points and makes you faster.
Red crystals make you slower and displays stupid text on screen
Interrupt your enemy by waving with your flashlight or cover enemy flashlight.
Collect more points than your enemy!

Install instructions

Unzip and sudo ./main (need root because of libusb).


AprilisJam.zip 3 MB
AprilisJam_source.zip 5 MB

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